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Stéphane Beaulieu

Stéphane is a student of comparative religions and an illustrator whose work can be seen in the long series of articles written by Johanna Stuckey for MatriFocus.


The author retains the copyright to his work. Please do not use it without his permission. Contact mytras @ (remove the spaces).

Illustrations in Archived Articles

Anat, Warrior Virgin of the Ancient Levant (Canaan)
Asherah, Supreme Goddess of the Ancient Levant
Asherah and the God of the Early Israelites
A Canaanite Goddess Shrine at Nahariyya in Israel
The "Holy One"
Sacred Repositories and Goddess Figurines
Inanna, Goddess of Infinite Variety
Inanna's Descent to the Underworld
"Inanna and the Huluppu Tree": One Way of Demoting a Great Goddess
"Sacred Prostitutes"
"Going to the Dogs": Healing Goddesses of Mesopotamia
Nin-kasi: Mesopotamian Goddess of Beer
Goddess, Whore, or Both? Kilili, the "Woman at the Window"
Ninshatapada, Scribe Shaushka and 'Ain Dara: A Goddess and Her Temple
Ancient Grain Goddesses of the Eastern Mediterranean
Spirit Possession and the Goddess Ishtar in Ancient
Atargatis, the “Syrian Goddess”
Of Omegas and Rhombs: Goddess Symbols in Ancient Mesopotamia and the Levant
Goddesses and Demons: Some Thoughts
The Goddess Meenakshi and Her Temple at Madurai
Tanit of Carthage
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