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MatriFocus (published Samhain 2001 to Lammas 2009) is archived here. You can search or look through the issues list or contributors list.

In four issues a year for eight years, MatriFocus published work on Goddess experience and history, feminism and community, seasonal awareness, earth-based spirituality, divination, ritual, and more. Over 100 writers and many more artists contributed their work.

At the time of final publication, MatriFocus had 2,000 subscribers, 25,000 unique monthly visitors, millions of hits per year, and a worldwide readership. Many MatriFocus articles are referenced in Wikipedia and numerous other websites and blogs.

MatriFocus began as a one-issue print zine for a small Dianic circle in Madison, WI. After that, the journal appeared on the web, edited by Sage, who was later joined by Feral as co-editor, Nano Boye Nagle as poetry editor, and first Dawn Work and later Giselle Vincett as scholarly editor. MatriFocus was published in the spirit of the gift economy, without subscriber fees or advertising revenues, and offered an independent voice in the Goddess Movement.

Bringing writers, readers, artists, scholars, and practitioners together on the web has been volunteer work of the most exquisite kind for us. Though we're moving on to other projects, we're maintaining the MatriFocus archive online for readers new and old.

We thank everyone who participated in MatriFocus, contributors and readers alike. We look forward to experiencing the next generations' work on these enduring subjects.

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Blessed be.

Sage & Feral

Bird-headed Snake Goddess
Pastel on paper © 2010 Sage Starwalker
(after photo, Hallie Austen Iglehart's The Heart of the Goddess)

Song for CedarWeb
Poem © 2010 Feral

We are the daughters of the fruited vine.
We are the daughters of the planted rows.
We are the daughters of cedar and pine.
We are the daughters of all that grows.
And we grow here among them,
And they grow here among us.

We are the daughters of wolf and whale.
We are the daughters of hawk and hare.
We are the daughters of otter and owl.
We are the daughters of deer and bear.
And we grow here among them,
And they grow here among us.

We are the daughters of the honey bee.
We are the daughters of the luna moth.
We are the daughters of the ladybug.
We are the daughters of the spider path.
And we grow here among them,
And they grow here among us,
And we grow, we grow, we grow...

MatriFocus Cross-Quarterly
is a seasonal web journal (zine) for Goddess Women and others interested in Goddess Lore and Scholarship, Goddess Religion (ancient and contemporary), Feminist Spirituality, Women's Mysteries, Paganism and Neopaganism, Earth-based Religions, Witchcraft, generico farmacia, Dianic Wicca and other Wiccan Traditions, the Priestess Path, Goddess Art, Women's Culture, Women's Health, Natural Healing, Mythology, Female Shamanism, Consciousness, Community, Cosmology, and Women's Creativity.

Contributors retain the copyright to their work; please do not take art or words without permission. Other graphics and reference materials are used and attributed as per the Fair Use Provision of The Copyright Act and individual terms of use.

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